We all know the importance of habits and routines in our daily lives; you probably had or have some great habits in place already. And then, all of a sudden, changes to the routines that you know, love, and sort of cling to, might mean you’re off your game a bit – weird sleep patterns, higher stress, no gym access, limited or different food choices, diminished daily activity… So what do you do?

Hole up, comfort eat, watch Netflix, bemoan the loss of the gym, and realize you’re not showering much these days? While some limited time to chill and break from routine can be good, most of us aren’t going to be too happy if we don’t find a new appropriate rhythm for our daily health. That means it’s time to think about what you want to change, why you want to change it, and what steps you can take to make this change real in your life.

When we experience change, we have to reorganize our priorities, in order to create a routine that better serves our situation.

First we have to identify things that need to change, think of the areas of your life that might have been upended recently, or the things about your day that are bothering you, think about why you want to make these changes and make clear and actionable steps. Some things to change might include:

  • A set bedtime and a fairly consistent wake up time, so that you’re waking up more prepared for your work day or so you are able to exercise before the whole house is buzzing with people who need to eat, start school, and generally need your time and attention.
  • A routine number of meals you’ll have a day, so that you’re sufficiently fuelling your body, avoiding snacks, getting enough of those important things like protein, and fibre. You could be aiming to maintain your weight, lose weight, gain weight, or a bit more roughly: eat well and feel good about this as something that furthers your health goals, not just in the moment but long-term as well.
  • Meals with several key components, like a protein, a serving of fruits/vegetables, and a whole grain or starchy carb so that you are again, eating well for your goals, minimizing your need for shopping trips, eating up the food you buy and not leaving things to go bad, keeping people in your house happy with some tasting and nourishing meals.
  • Planned healthy “events” like a morning walk, afternoon HIIT, your resistance training session, so you know you are taking charge of your fitness.
  • A social connection to someone you know-calling a friend, connecting with a family member, pretty much making sure you have a connection to someone. You want to know that those close to you are well; you want to share how you are doing, and hear how they are doing because these supportive relationships matter but take some effort to maintain at times.
  • Daily gratitude: writing down or typing out something positive from your day so that you take a few minutes to see the good around you, to appreciate others, to appreciate yourself, and you take some time to consider some good rather than fill your mind with negatives.

Remember to write things down, clarifying in your own mind and giving yourself something concrete to work on and to look back to in the days ahead. 

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