The secret to being consistent is to know

WHEN to simplify your systems.

Sometimes nutrition coaching can seem too strict and rigid.

Not all of us want to weigh and measure every meal, or eat the same 3-6 meals every day.

Maybe we are too stressed, or have other things going on in our lives so that at this time those approaches won’t work for us.

So how do we still make progress?


We accept that with anything there are different levels,

which grant different levels of results.

We understand that ultimatey it’s the ability to remain consistent that determines our success.

And we acknowledge what we are capable of right now, how willing we are to act.

But how do we know where to start, or how to simplify our systems?

We work to narrow or broaden our focus, and set our selves minimums and simple practices.


Don’t want to weigh and measure food?

           >> the Portion Control method might be right for you

Find it too hard to stick to rigid macros and calorie targets?

          >> use a Healthy Meal Plan

Have too many things to get done, so you can’t meal prep?

           >>> write a Priorities list, and do 3 things each day,

          or try our free 2-step program Identifying Priorities and creating a new routine.

Too stressed to stick to an eating plan?

           >>> Work on a new healthy eatig habit, such as our 14day Stop Snacking Program in our Justcoach app.

Have no motivation or willpower, or don’t know where to start?

           >>> Try our Deep Health Model to look at overall health

Have low energy and can’t focus?

           >>>Assess your lifestyle dials to see what you can level up today



What is the best Health system for you right now?


1 – Lifestyle Dial Method

2 – Deep Health Method

Or the best Nutrition system:

> Portion Control Method

> Meal Plan Method

> Eating Window Method

> Macro Tracking Method

When it comes to our health it’s often tempting to hit pause when we feel stressed, overwhelmed or just too busy.

But life never stops, and there is always something we can do to improve, or to stay consistent.


 One method is to divide our life into areas or dials, where we can rate where we are, and where we want to be.

We need to stop thinking of our health and fitness as an on/off button or scale, and think of them as a dial that we can turn up and down depending on what we are ready, willing and able to do each day.

The Lifestyle Dial Method divides our life into 6 crucial areas and rates the minimum and maximum actions we can take within those areas. When we personalise them, and rate our selves we can see what areas of life we are lacking energy or have the dialled turned down on. Then we can begin making changes to level up our lives. Not matter what life throws at us, we can choose where to turn our dial up or down. We can continue to make small daily steps, since what matters most is consistently, if we consistently take positive action, we will consistently achieve progress and results.


Take a look at the Movement Lifestyle dial below:

Each number on the dial represents the level of movement our life contains.


Try this exercise:

Step 1: Consider the activities you currently do.

Step 2: Ask yourself ‘What’s the absolute MOST I could do?’ That’s your 10 on the dial.

Step 3: Ask, ‘What’s the absolute LEAST I could do?’ There’s your 1 on the dial.

Step 4: Use 1 and 10 to fill in the other points on the dial.

Step 5: Refer to your dial when life gets busy, and decide what you can do that day.


When looking at different systems to manage our health and wellbeing, it’s often helpful to divide out life into different categories, areas or pillars in this way.


With the Dial Method we have 6 lifestyle dials:

  • Movement
  • Nutrition
  • Sleep
  • Social
  • Stress
  • Environment


Another 6 Pillar Model of health and fitness is made up of:

  • Proper Training: training smart, with intention before training hard
  • A Balanced Autonomic Nervous System: with the sympathetic nervous system, responsible for the fight-or-flight response, and the parasympathetic nervous system, responsible for the rest-and-digest response, being in balance.
  • Quality Sleep: enabling the body to repair and restore itself, ideally in a dark room at a cool temperature.
  • Proper Nutrition: paying attention to the absorption of quality nutrients.
  • Positive Mindset: in order to set goals and perform daily action.
  • A Healthy Environment: with more exposure to natural sunlight and less to artificial blue light.


Another way to categorise health and fitness is the Deep Health Model,

Here we are again using a 6 model categorization, in order to change short term fitness goals into long-term levelling up your life results.

When we talk about “levelling up” our aim is to be thriving in all aspects of our lives.

That always begins with questioning, rating and understanding where we are. We work on those aspects where our dials and energy are lowest, and we turn them up, with the end goal of creating winning habits, and implementing the right systems for us in order to level up long term.

This means creating a personal system that is sustainable, meaningful and inspiring, which goes beyond a template 12week transformation, or six week fat loss program. And we’ve not saying that those things don’t work, because they do, and training and nutrition plan that you follow consistently will grant you results. The problem comes after we achieve results, what happens on week 13?

It’s all too easy to slip back into old habits and past routines, and not only re-gain the weight we have lost, but to re-gain more, or stop working out all together.


Sustainability and consistency

always need to be our bench-marks at the end of the day,

if we are to remain focused, making progress and thriving.



That’s where our models for Levelling Up Your Life come in:

> The Lifestyle Dial

> The Deep Heath Model

The lifestyle dial takes 6 life areas and focuses on turning up the dial on one aspect at a time. While the deep health model works upon the interconnection between those different areas, and focuses on an underlying issue in one area to improve all other areas. It’s often helpful to begin with the Deep Health model to tackle the main issues, and regain control. Before progressing to turning up the dial in eah aspect of our lives.

Coaching for Deep Health means all areas of our health are in sync.

Deep health is about creating a balance with a whole foods diet, sufficient exercise, genuine rest, a clean environment, and meaningful emotional expression and connection. Meaning your life is an expression of living with purpose. We don’t just consider typical body composition indicators such as body fat percentage, but take a holistic approach that considers how we think, feel, live and connect with others. Taking a holistic approach may seem, at first, general, and we might ask how can we achieve the individualised results we want such as lowering our body fat percentage. But when we consider all the different factors that contribute to body fat percentage, such as stress, hormones and  sleep, we realise that it doesn’t come down to just moving more and eating less, we need a sustainable Lifestyle, not just a 4/6/8/12 week training plan.

Lifestyle practices affect every aspect of our wellbeing.

These 6 areas are all interconnected, and each influence eating and exercise behaviours.


Let’s take our current Lockdown situation as an example, maybe you feel very up and down each down, maybe you’re lonely or feeling disconnected from others, as a result you might overeat or drink to comfort yourself, which in turn is having a negative effect on your physical health. This might lead to greater feelings of guilt, anxiety, anger or lower mood, placing a greater stress on your emotional health. Now if we go back to the root of the cause: those feelings of disconnection, and make more time to connect with people you care about, that might mean taking an afternoon walk to call a friend, we can provide a bigger benefit to overall health and wellbeing.


The power of the Deep Health Model is that by improving one aspect of health, you improve all of the others.


For example, maybe you work long stressful hours. That might mean you spend the majority of the day sat at a desk, which affects your physical health as you are more sedentary, and have back or neck pain from hunching over your computer for hours. Maybe you don’t have time to pre-pare healthy meals, so snack at your desk, maybe you feel too tired after work to go to the gym, and when you get home you order takeaway instead. In addition you find it difficult to ‘switch-off’ from work when you get home, which impacts your emotional health and your sleep. Your relationships may also be under strain as a result of the additional stress. Here one aspect of your life is effecting all of the others, your physical health, your emotional health, your relational health, your environment health and ultimately your existential health, meaning it’s only a matter of time before burnout.

The answer is to address the underlying issue, that threat to our wellbeing, and use the connections between the areas to our advantage. If one area is temporarily off limits – such as an injury preventing us from exercising – we can try another one.

In our stressed worklife example, maybe we tackle the stressful aspect of work by practicing daily relaxation techniques, doing mobility work at the desk or on breaks, using a healthy meal prep habit or food service, meaning we move on, concentrate better, increase focus and productivity. Maybe that means we schedule in a gym session after work a few days a week, we come home early on a Friday to spend time with family, as a result we increase overall happiness and health.

Of course, deep health looks different for everyone, and that’s the beauty of an adaptable system, we can create individualised and thoughtful coaching.


Adaptability is a key component of ongoing development.


If we want to Level Up our Life, we need to be willing to embrace change,

in order to identify areas for growth.

Deep Health isn’t about adhering to strict rules, it’s about exploration.


Where do we start?

We start with gaining clarity, we start with diagnosis, building our story and creating a connection.

Simply : we start with a Questionnaire to see where we are, and where we want to be.

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