Squat Tips from a baby

Here’s some interesting facts and tips about the squat

✳Squat depth should be consistent with the goals and abilities of the individual.

✳Quadriceps development is maximized by squatting to parallel, with no additional activity seen at higher flexion angles.( a deeper squat)

✳A wider stance squat is preferable for those seeking optimal development of the hip adductors and hip extensors, whereas a closer stance is more appropriate for targeting development of the gastrocnemius.

❇How can you improve your squat with out actually squatting?

❇Hip Joint mobility is key

Given the close relationship between movement at the hips, pelvis, and lumbar spine during dynamic squatting, hip mobility is extremely important for proper squat performance, especially at higher flexion angles ( a deeper squat ). Poor joint mobility can lead to greater forward lean and thus increased pressure on the spine.

Flexibility / mobility training specific to the hip musculature can help to increase hip mobility and facilitate better squat performance.

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