You could do everything perfectly, hit your macros, smash your workouts, get a bonus at work, take the dog for a walk (the long way!!!) and you still might not lose weight. It can be down to many different factors like sleep, hormones, internal and external stress and just life not being fair and not working how it want it to.

There is no perfect formula to nutrition; it is TRIAL AND ERROR and creating a lifestyle to match your goals.

When this happens and you do everything you could have done, it can be very disheartening to see the numbers on the scales go up or not move at all. Weight can fluctuate for many different reasons. The problem comes when this leads to the F*** it moment, when we splurge and binge out. But the fact remains, this pattern or cycle of seeing some results, then none, the frustration, then the inevitable binge, is only ever going to put you back to square one.

A good example of how to think of weight loss is our GYM GAINS

We all remember when we had:

-BEGINNERS GAINS and our numbers were jumping up in the 10s and 5s in different lifts for a few months, and most become accustomed to this as it feels good.

“I just got another PB!!” (release of dopamine hormone)

The same goes for weight loss, we will all generally be able to drop weight at a higher rate at the start due to a change in routine/ stress to the body/ instant lowering of daily calories.

If we could increase the weight we lift every week we would all be like Eddie Hall, so why do we except the same with weight loss?


We all experience gym plateaus at one point as we start to pass the beginners stage, and our bodies become accustomed to the new routine. Our progress stops being so linear and comes to a halt, in some cases progress even drops due to people going into over training.

So how do we burst through these plateaus?

For the GYM GAINS we would change routine, exercise selection, and intensity – altering reps /sets/rest time.

For WEIGHT LOSS we would reassess calorie/ macro/ micronutrient intake, weekly activity and exercise, food sources and quality of sleep.

Why do we say F*** it when our weight loss doesn’t happen as quickly as we want it to? You don’t do the same in the gym, if anything we work harder.





   25% FAT   –   20 % FAT   –     15% -10% FAT –  DO YOU NEED A WASH BOARD FOR THAT? 😉

To reiterate, we become accustomed to big PBs and drops in weight when we first start training, but the better we get and the longer we train the harder it becomes to either make gains at the same rate as when we started or even at all.

As we progress, those numbers become smaller and smaller, it becomes harder and harder for you to get PBs. It takes you double / triple the amount of time to get 1-5 kg PBs compared to the beginners rate where you could get 10-15kg PBs in half the time.

So don’t say F*** it and binge out, just be PATIENT and BELIEVE IN THE PROCESS.  WORKING HARDER should be the goal you set yourself, in order to STAY MOTIVATED, FOCUSED and HAPPY.

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