Often the “Festive Season” can turn into a FEASTING season!


December is filled with ample opportunities to binge, seeing an influx of food and alcohol calories from multiple Christmas parties, work’s drinks, Christmas markets and get togethers, not to mention Christmas eve, Christmas day, New Years and that week inbetween where we aren’t sure what day it is but we know we’ll be having a chocolate selection pack and mulled wine for breakfast!

It can be hard to balance all this out with training, maybe we don’t have as much time for the gym,  maybe we miss a few classes here and there.

And come January we’re left bloated and regretful.


So how do we solve it?

Do we lock the doors and resolve to be a Grinch for the rest of the month,

or do we forgive ourselves and set a plan to help us.


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Most of our YEARLY WEIGHT GAIN happens over the Festive Period

The average person often puts on around 5lbs or 2-3kgs during the Christmas period.

PROBLEM: We don’t take the time to LOSE this weight gain over the rest of the year!






If you want to limit fat gain or even promote fat loss

 then you have several options:


  • Schedule REFEED DAYS or DIET BREAKS for days when you know you’ll have access to higher calories such as parties or dinners.


  • CREATE A WEEKLY CALORIE BALANCE, by allowing yourself a HIGHER CALORIE day, and set your calories comparatively lower for the remainder of the week.


  • You can ENJOY YOURSELF WITHOUT BINGE EATING. Be MINDFUL of how much you are eating, and stop when you are full. Or track your calories ans set yourself allowances and targets.


  • DON’T STARVE YOURSELF IN ORDER TO GORGE LATER. One bad meal or excessive influx of calories won’t have a negative effect on your overall diet if it’s controlled, but multiple sessions of extra calories adds up over the month.


  • So ALLOW FOR BIGGER MEALS such as Christmas Dinners by having less calories in the day. Maybe limit morning and afternoon carb intake, or skip lunch in favour of that larger evening meal. But beware of taking it to extremes, since when we feel restricted, we often seek to over-compensate, and the resulting calorie binge can far outweigh what we would have eaten if we had not restricted ourselves to begin with.


  • Set yourself MAINTENANCE WEEKS for Christmas or New Years, where you eat in your maintence range of calories in order to maintain current weight, and limit weight gain.



By allowing ourselves a plan over the festive period we will help ourselves maintain a balance. Meaning we can still enjoy food, drink, and being social, whilst limiting the typical holiday weight-gain many of us have come to dread. By being realistic, maintaining clarity through tracking or mindful eating, we can make January a time for renewal, where we get back to our work and training regimes, rather than a period of regret where we are desperate to lose all the additional weight we have put on.


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